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Halloween Poem 3 #halloween #mummies #coffee

Halloween Poem 3 #halloween #mummies #coffee

Best Advice For Writers


These are very best pieces of advice ever given to me by other writers.

1. Writing is the easiest part. It’s the author shit that’s hard. (Ian Rankin)

2. Never, ever diet on tour. (Kate Atkinson)

3. Don’t believe anything film people say until you’re at the première,…

I live by 10 & 7.

The Flash 1.1 – The One With The Flash

What was up with The Flash last night? It was kind of silly I sort of liked it and then I waxed poetic about the show for Television Woodshed. 

Gotham 1.3 – Detective Gordon, Ninja Turtle

My Gotham recap is live on Television Woodshed, I hope you like Sound Garden. 

Halloween Poem 2

Halloween Poem 2

Halloween Poem 1

Jeff had a pumpkin for a head. He dreaded autumn as he would soon become a target for amateur jack’o lantern carvers and teenagers alike.



Gotham 1.2 – Soylent Gotham Is Made of People

I wrote a recap about Gotham yesterday and I kind of wish it was about eating people. Why is there a blue background on my text?